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Research Study: The German Pfandbrief market 2015|2016

In comparison to other European investment vehicles, the German Pfandbrief is very solid and stable in value, an investment that meets investors’ needs for security and transparency – even in troubled capital market phases. Investors – both in Germany and abroad – appreciate the outstanding credit quality and stable yields provided by Pfandbrief issues.

DG HYP uses Pfandbriefe to refinance loans collateralised by liens on real property, as well as public finance exposures. Moreover, DG HYP has access to a strong funding base, thanks to its integration in the Volksbanken / Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network.

The report on the German Pfandbrief market is published annually by DG HYP. It provides an overview of current developments in the Pfandbrief market including the effects of the European Central Bank’s covered bond purchase programme as well as current ratings ap-plied by the three largest agencies, and details the legal basis of the German Pfandbrief.

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