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Instead of cards, DG HYP donates €10,000 to SOS Children's Village

In keeping with its sustainable corporate culture, and in order to protect the environment, DG HYP will not send out physical Christmas cards this year – instead, the bank will send digital Season's Greetings to its clients and business partners. DG HYP has used the resulting savings of €10,000 to support three projects of "SOS Children's Village", designed to aid children, young people and families in need. A part of the donation has been pledged to an SOS Children's Village in Germany's Black Forest, where refugee minors are being given help to start a new life. The SOS Support Network in Hamburg will use the funds to assist families facing particular challenges; and at SOS Children’s Village Worpswede near Hamburg, donations will help create living space for groups of siblings who can no longer stay with their parents.