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DG HYP publishes report 'The German Pfandbrief market 2016|2017'

A sustainable investment in the low interest-rate environment

The German Pfandbrief enjoys the reputation of a safe haven. Time and again, international institutions have confirmed its importance for the German capital markets. Massive bond purchases conducted by the European Central Bank have pushed yields to a record low – benchmark bond yields have been in negative territory for two years now. At the same time, demand for Pfandbriefe – which still offer a slight yield pickup over German government bonds – is unabated.

The present report on the German Pfandbrief market 2016|2017 provides an overview of current developments. One of the aspects covered is the question as to whether Pfandbriefe are considered sustainable per se, and if a sustainable lending business results in tangible economic benefits for issuers. It also explains, in detail, the legal basis of the German Pfandbrief.

DG HYP's new report 'The German Pfandbrief market 2016|2017' is available for download in PDF Format.