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DG HYP publishes its fourth Sustainability Report

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DG HYP published its fourth Sustainability Report today in which the bank documents its continuously developed measures for sustainable growth implemented successfully during the financial year 2015. The report follows the GRI communication standards.

“Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy, and deeply rooted in our corporate culture. oekom research upgraded our sustainability rating to C+ and, for the first time, awarded us with the “Prime” status. In addition, during 2015 our Pfandbriefe received an upgrade by the research and rating agency imug in all three categories. With the AA (very positive) rating of our “Public Sector Pfandbriefe” we even received the best sustainability rating of all issuers”, a clearly pleased Dr Georg Reutter, Chairman of the Management Board of DG HYP, announced.

Media Information for download

Sustainability Report in PDF format  for download and as a web-book for online reading