Exposé of office space

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Exposé of office space



Andreas Büchse
Commercial building management

Phone: +49 (0)40/33 34-28 02
E-Mail: andreas.buechse(at)dghyp.de



Take full advantage of our modern infrastructure

Top-level meetings and conferences in the Oval Office

Use the Oval Office conference room, with views over the city's rooftops, for your meetings, conferences and customer events This facility offers a fascinating panoramic vista, and features modern conference and presentation technology.

Stylish events in the DG HYP winter garden

The gallery in the DG HYP winter garden provides a link between the two buildings and can be used as a venue for events, presentations, exhibitions and company celebrations.

Lunch in DG HYP's canteen

DG HYP's canteen and cafeteria are a highlight. We offer more than 800 employees and guests a varied menu that changes on a daily basis, including a salad buffet, soup bar and dessert trolley. You can finish your lunch with an espresso or cappuccino in our cafeteria.

Easy parking

The Gertrudentor car park provides you and your clients with attractive parking facilities within our building. We can rent out a suitable number of employee and guest car parking facilities at favourable terms.