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Expert real estate financing solutions, offered within the framework of a strong financial group

DG HYP is the commercial real estate bank within the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network, and one of Germany's leading real estate banks. Our core business segment is Commercial Real Estate Finance, where the bank works with real estate investors as well as approximately 1,100 cooperative banks in Germany. The bank's activities are focused on the core segments of office, residential and retail properties.

With six Real Estate Centres in Germany’s major cities, namely Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich, as well as regional offices in Hanover, Kassel, Leipzig, Mannheim, Münster and Nuremberg, DG HYP has a good presence throughout the country. The focus of the business activities is on financing properties in the German market. In addition, DG HYP supports its German clients' investment projects in selected international markets.

As a member of DZ BANK Group and a partner to the cooperative banks, we are affiliated to a powerful financial group, enabling us to offer you attractive financing solutions that are designed to meet your requirements.