Katja Röder
Sustainability Officer

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2016 (PDF)

Sustainability Ratings

imug has confirmed its AA rating for DG HYP Pfandbrief Issues

Independent sustainability ratings have not only become part of the decision criteria for many institutional investors, they also help us to continuously review our sustainability performance and improve it where needed.

The sustainability rating issued by imug, a research and rating agency, again showed DG HYP at top rank (as of December 2016). We led the field in the ranking for “Public-sector Pfandbriefe” (N=44), ranked amongst the top three German institutions in the “Uncovered bonds” category (N=42; 2015: top four), and amongst the top two for Mortgage Pfandbriefe (N=30; 2015: top six).

imug results

2014 rating2015 rating2016 rating
Public-sector Pfandbriefevery positive (A)very positive (AA)very positive (AA)
Mortgage Pfandbriefeneutral (CC)positive (BB)positive (BB)
Uncovered Bondspositive (B)positive (BB)positive (BBB)



oekom research AG, another rating agency, awarded DG HYP “Prime Status”, with “C+” on a scale from A+ to D–, in its most recent sustainability rating from January 2015. The Prime Status is awarded to companies which, according to the oekom Corporate Rating for social and environmental performance, rank among the leaders in their industry. DG HYP performed well in all of the following categories: staff and suppliers, corporate governance and business ethics, as well as products and services. A re-rating is planned for the second half of the current year 2017.

oekom results

2013 rating2014 rating2015 rating