Katja Röder
Sustainability Officer

Phone: +49 (0)40/33 34-33 17
E-Mail: katja.roeder(at)dghyp.de


Within our involvement with the Club we are particularly dedicated to the project of CLUB OF ROME schools, twelve schools throughout Germany with approx. 12,000 students. Following the motto “Think globally, act locally”, the CLUB OF ROME schools create learning environments and offers that support students according to their individual abilities. Most importantly, they encourage students to accept their responsibility as world citizens. Since 2013, DG HYP hosts the annual meeting of CLUB OF ROME schools, further contributing with a donation to the expansion of the network and to spreading the idea of sustainability to more schools.

Related Field Project Support


The CLUB OF ROME is a thought leader and pioneer of sustainability. Its members share a common goal: shaping sustainable development for our global economy. To achieve this goal, the needs of today's and future generations must be aligned to the limited availability of resources and the limited resilience of ecosystems. The Club commissioned a report, “The Limits to Growth”, in 1972, which generated fervent debate on the future of the world economy. Since then, the Club has not only released further future-related reports and theses, but engages in numerous projects and activities together with leading figures in economics, culture, science and politics. Last year, DG HYP began providing the CLUB OF ROME’s Germany branch with facilities at the bank’s headquarters, with the Club making a cost contribution. We also provide the Club with a forum for various events within the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network, and with DG HYP's clients.