Katja Röder
Sustainability Officer

Phone: +49 (0)40/33 34-33 17
E-Mail: katja.roeder(at)dghyp.de


Social Commitment

Related Field Project Support

The CLUB OF ROME advocates sustainable development that aligns the needs of today’s and future generations to the limited availability of resources and the limited resilience of ecosystems. Promoting the Club and its mission statement is an important cause to us. Since 2013, we have been providing the CLUB OF ROME’s German charter with facilities at DG HYP House at no charge, with the Club only making a cost contribution.

Also since 2013, we have been actively supporting the CLUB OF ROME schools network as an education partner. DG HYP has hosted the network’s annual meeting four times, with around 100 students, teachers and parents gathering in the bank’s conference facilities in 2016 to enjoy a colourful programme on “Education is the Future”.

The employees of DG HYP have been providing aid to the DZ BANK Microfinance fund for many years, and continued to do so in 2016. The Microfinance Fund extends small loans to people in developing countries, mainly to women who – thanks to these loans – are able to build a business, create jobs and independently improve their living situations, in line with the cooperative principle of aiding empowerment. The DZ BANK microfinance fund was founded by DZ BANK employees more than ten years ago. In 2012, it was converted into a cooperative with over 250 members.

Together with 15 other companies, DG HYP has been a member of the Real Estate and Leadership Foundation since 2015. The joint goal of the association is to promote science, research and education relating to interdisciplinary leadership issues of the real estate business. For 2017, the foundation is looking to start cooperating with the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) to launch a Master’s programme on “Real Estate and Leadership”. Last but not least, in 2016 DG HYP again provided two students at HafenCity Universität Hamburg (HCU) with scholarships.