Katja Röder
Sustainability Officer

Phone: +49 (0)40/33 34-33 17
E-Mail: katja.roeder(at)dghyp.de


Community Commitment

Hamburg Donor’s Parliament

DG HYP is based in Hamburg and therefore we have a special commitment to supporting social projects in this city. One of these projects is the Hamburger Spendenparlament (HSP, Hamburg Donor’s Parliament). As with the cooperative network, aiding empowerment is the leitmotif of this charity. The HSP sees itself as the initiator for social projects and initiatives fighting homelessness, poverty and loneliness in Hamburg. With 3,400 members, the HSP is one of the largest charitable organisations in Hamburg, with an excellent reputation. Since 1996, more than 10 million euro has been donated to over 1,200 projects in Hamburg. 

In September 2014, HSP and DG HYP organised a charity flea market in central Hamburg, with all proceeds going to HSP. The idea for the flea market was born during an ideas competition initiated by DG HYP following implementation of its mission statement, which was developed in cooperation with the bank's staff. The flea market was hosted by DG HYP employees and HSP volunteers; the items for sale had been donated by bank employees and various companies in the vicinity.