Katja Röder
Sustainability Officer

Phone: +49 (0)40/33 34-33 17
E-Mail: katja.roeder(at)dghyp.de



Our Code of Conduct

DG HYP believes that acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly is an integral and indispensable part of fulfilling its entrepreneurial and social responsibility. To hold us accountable beyond legal requirements and market standards, we developed our own set of rules and values, on which our Guiding Principles, Management Guidelines and DZ BANK Group's Code of Conduct are based. As a subsidiary of DZ BANK AG, we are part of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network, comprising approx. 1,000 individual cooperative banks.

Our Code of Conduct is a risk prevention, leadership and communication tool. It documents the corporate culture that defines each Group entity, and the values we share as a group. Our understanding of ethical and responsible conduct is further elaborated upon in detailed instructions, guidelines and central handbooks for each bank. Apart from basic rules to counter corruption and bribery, money laundering, financing of terrorism and white-collar crime, our Code of Conduct provides guidelines on sustainability and responsibility vis-à-vis our clients, business partners and employees. It serves as a compass for our daily conduct.

At DG HYP, we are committed to abiding by our Code of Conduct. We know that the demands made upon our actions and work ethics will increase as we grow our business, and we acknowledge this fact in our everyday work life. Each employee is responsible for complying with our Code of Conduct. We are convinced that adhering to the principles will lead to a fair working environment for both clients and employees, and to successful and sustainable growth for DG HYP.