Patrick Ernst
Head of Treasury

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We offer you a range of financing products to cover your municipal investments

Annuity loan                             
  • Fixed-interest loan with a minimum redemption rate of 1% (plus saved interest)
  • Constant annuity payments, comprising interest and redemption
Instalment loan
  • Fixed-interest loan with a fixed redemption payment, plus interest accrued
  • Decreasing payments
Bullet loan
  • Fixed-interest loan with interest-only payments during the term
  • Full repayment at final maturity (‘bullet’ repayment)
  • Constant payments


We also offer special loans that are tailored to meet your individual investment needs:

Forward loan
  • Fixed-interest loan with disbursement or refinancing scheduled on a future date
  • Interest rate can be fixed up to three years prior to disbursement
Variable-rate loan
  • Floating-rate loan linked to prevailing 3-month- Euribor
  • Maximum fixed-interest term of ten years
  • Fixed redemption agreement