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Public Pfandbriefe

DG HYP's Public Pfandbriefe (public-sector covered bonds issued under German law) are collateralised by public sector loans, or loans and advances accorded a similar status in accordance with section 20 of the German Pfandbrief Act (PfandBG). Accordingly, claims against the following types of institutuions are eligible for inclusion in cover:

  •  Public-sector authorities (such as the Federal Government, the German Federal states, cities or municipalities)
  • Special public-law administrative unions
  • Social security institutions
  • Public-sector banks or insurance companies
  • Public-sector institutions having the legal right to levy fees, charges or other dues

In accordance with the principle of matching cover (pursuant to section 4 of the PfandBG), the present value of the sum of such claims must exceed the aggregate amount of Pfandbriefe in issue by at least two per cent (securing excess cover).

Given DG HYP's strategic focus in public-sector lending, new business is originated primarily with German public-sector entities.

In addition to transparency disclosures under section 28 of the PfandBG, please find below further details concerning our public-sector cover pool.