Patrick Ernst
Head of Treasury

Our team will be happy to deal with any queries you may have:

Phone: +49 (0)40/33 34-26 00
E-Mail: Treasury(at)dghyp.de


Due to regulatory requirements your call respectively your e-mail will be recorded. Over a period of five years a copy of the recorded call respectively e-mail will be available for you on your request.

If you do not consent to this recording please contact us by post.

Mortgage Pfandbriefe

DG HYP's Pfandbrief issues have been rated "AAA" by Standard & Poor's - this top rating implies the timely payment of interes and principal, giving evidence that DG HYP's Pfandbriefe are a particularly safe investment product.

The Germand Pfandbrief Act (PfandBG) provides the legal framework on which this safety standard is based. In line with DG HYP's strategic focus as a provider of commercial real estate finance, its Mortgage Pfandbriefe are predominantly backed by first ranked commercial real estate loans.

Also, besides our portfolio of private real estate loans, other assets as defined in section 19 of the PfandBG serve as adequate cover asstes in our mortgage cover  pool.

We are pleased to structure Mortgage Pfandbriefe in line with you specific requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to transparency disclosures under section 28 of the PfandBG, please find below further details concerning our mortgage cover assets pool.

Coverage for mortgage pfandbriefe