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Please click here to download 'The German Pfandbrief market 2017|2018'

The German Pfandbrief market 2017|2018

Capital Markets / Pfandbrief Investors

As one of the leading real estate finance houses and Pfandbrief issuers in Germany, DG HYP uses Pfandbriefe (asset-covered bonds issued under German law) to refinance its lending business. In line with its strategic focus as a provider of commercial real estate finance, DG HYP predominantly offers Mortgage Pfandbriefe to investors.

DG HYP's Pfandbrief issues provide investors with a product that fulfils their need for security and transparency to a large extent. These unique quality standards in the covered bond market are governed by the Germand Pfandbrief Act (PfandBG). Thanks to a successful track record without defaults during the last 100 years and continuous improvements to Pfandbrief legislation, this legal framework substantially strengthens and protects the position of Pfandbrief holders.

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